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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Munting Buhangin

Munti - Tiny
Buhangin - Sand

December 2

Off to Munting Buhangin they go...

It was a short notice. Two days earlier, Meeko called up Frij to ask if he could go with them on a ride to sandy waters. How could he resist? It was sort of a farewell get together for Mr Ronnie, he was retiring in 2 weeks..... 25 years of excellent service to the company (Frij's former company).

So Meeko came with Frij's former boss BobbyG to pick him and his family up on a first December Sunday. Frij had his better half prep up some food for the trip... and off they went.

It was a 2 hour trip. The beach itself was a half hour drive from Frij's hometown, so he was familiar with the place.

At The Gates

Pictures of Frij's Rascals having fun...
Lady surferSurfer Dude< Kids

After lunch, they rented a boat for an island hopping about 7-8 kms from the shore (ok, so that should've been in nautical distance, you do the math). It was a tiny island with coral shores. They had great pictures taken. Frij and Jeff were on a shooting spree.

Frij & Maya Breeze

A Gent with the Ladies

Under the rocks...


Some of Frij's captures with his Digicam.... he is beginning to like photography now

Little Watch

Mom & Daughter Heaven Sent

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last from October...

Frij finally found time to upload pictures of recent October activities.

Eid'l Fitr

Frij and family went to a Ramadhan fair where his daughter participated in a semi-fashion show for kids, featuring various muslim "moro" apparel.

Family gathering...
Datu Ali, Maya, Datu Jamil, Bai Ayesha

Music of the past, No lyrics please

slice n' dice
Shawarma anyone?

Shoot the Man is getting older...

After the Fair, Frij and Maya went to Robbie's (Shoot-the-man) birthday bash down at Synder's bar in Malate..

A birthday of friends to be exact, Robbie, his girl Anna and two other lady friends..
birthday people

Tequila shots for Maya, Frij sticks with beer.

Believe it or not, these two rascals are siblings. Yes, Frij still cannot find the similarity
sibling rivalry

Chrissie and Anna's younger brother. No they're not together...we wish

Frij could write a book, it'll be wonderful! Guy meets girl, who has a brother who meets the sister of the guy who met his sister.

And of course, a couple more pictures with lovely ladies...
with shoot-the-man and his sister with Anna and her one - shoot-the-man!

R-A-C... it gives a nice ring to it...
Robbie Anna Chrissie

Frij behaves like a trained dog under the watchful eye of Maya. Misbehaving is not in the itinerary. So he keeps a flower handy and his trusty pack for luck..
white rose and lights

Sunday, October 21, 2007

EL Pansol!

An account of Frij's recent expedition:

Off to Pansol, Laguna they go...

October 11 : Last day of training
The following week was to face reality of actual work, the distribution to different departments, the seperation to people Frij has known for 1.5 months. It was just prudent to unwind and prep up for the coming war...

Next stop...A Private Resort at Pansol Laguna

Frij and a few of his fellow minions left work at 8Pm

Find Frij

After shopping for food and booze at the nearby mall, they made a 2 hour travel to the destination. Grilled fish, salted eggs, chips, a deck of UNO cards and beer (naturally) to last til morning...

Pool & Pool

The Pool

Misbehaving with Mark..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Frij has been absent...
Most of the time...
Not unusual...

So what he does is he summarizes;
And so he does:

Frij left AIG last September. Looking back at 6 years was really a heartbreaking moment, but all things come to pass. It was a great company, good friends were made, lots of experience (....experience....hmmm), happy days.

Booze flowed til midnight of September 21. They sang the song and gave their farewells...heartbreaking.

So here, we now have Frij over at his new company....Verizon Business. Learning new tricks of the network engineering trade. Growing, moving forward, looking back at times to keep him on his toes.

Its quite a new company entering the domestic industry and a lot of potential for growth is involved. Long way to go...For now, he and his fellow minions will learn...

Frij will now feed on new knowledge...

No pictures this time.
Next time..

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Frij rises from the dead and from the beautiful land of Bohol !!!

A sidetrip last May landed Frij on Bohol soil for the very first time, to Chocolate Hills and Tarsier country.

Frij together with officemate Jeff left the Cebu office around 5:30Am to pick up Debbie and Michelle at the bus terminal who came all the way from Bacolod.

Around 7:00Am
Pier 1, 8Am tickets sold out, next trip was due at 10. They will not wait and thus decided to move to Pier 4.
Pier 4, 7Am trip just left, next trip was due at 9Am. Who needs to think? So this was it, an hour wasted. Atleast breakfast could now be meticulously consumed.
Cons : P600 ($12)
Pros : First class seats; Two-way trip ticket (Cebu-Bohol-Cebu); Airconditioned; Watch a 3month old movie

Ahoy Mates! Aboard Me Ship Ye Land Lubbers!

Frij, Jeff and Debbie
Sink or Swim?
It was a 2 hour trip from the Port of Cebu to the Port of Tagbilaran, Bohol

11:00Am - BOHOL
On with the tour
Cons : P2,500 ($50), whole day tour package irregardless of what time you arrived
Pros : 10 seater van, excellent driver-tour guide in one

First stop : The Loboc River Cruise on a floating restaurant.
Waiting for the floating foodLoboc RiverJeff, Debbie, Michelle, Frij
Pros : Gluttony - "Eat All You Can" for the 1 hour trip duration. Meal ranges from roast chicken, beef, pork, grilled fish and a variety of fruits
Cons : P280 ($5.60); You only get one 12 oz cola bottle

At the end of the river, you'll find how Loboc kids train to become world class singers
Singing to the tourist

1:30PM - Off to the town of Carmen to climb one of the Chocolate Hills, passing through steep winding roads that seem to came out of a WRC driver's dreams (or nightmare)


Around 3:00PM
The Chocolate Hills! Up that 200+ steep steps

Jepoy's Challenge
Living on the EdgeKisses to your heart's delight

Cons : P10 (20c) entrance fee; steep narrow steps (Running up is not recommended)
Pros : Great view

Tarsier Zoo

Two Primates
Four PrimatesDeadly Primate

Cons : Touching the gremlin is prohibited
Pros : As long as you don't get caught

Baclayon Church - One of the oldest churches in the Philippines
Read OnFrij's version vs Wikipedia's Dawgs love posts

Off to Panglao Island for a night of swimming and fun

crowded bus
White Sandy Beach
Panglao Evening

Room for 4 - families
Rise and Shine
Panglao Morning

Cons : P18 (36c) bus fare from Tagbilaran city proper to Panglao; P2,000 ($40) Overnight Room for 2; P30 (60c) beer
Pros : The Cons

Frij and party left Panglao around 6:00AM the following morning to catch the 7:00AM ferry back to Cebu. He and Jeff had to drop by his bother-in-laws place back at the Mactan Air Base to fetch come things before checking in at the airport. Flight back to Manila was due at 12:00Noon.

This chick raised a leg....teaser. Too bad the dad was behind Frij

Me and my new Marikina shoes. Proudly Pinoy!
Marikina Shoes

And that concludes another event in Frij's life...too busy to even update this blog of his.
Next stop...who knows